食パン Shokupan

Made from selected, mostly locally-sourced ingredients, our Shokupan loaves are fluffy and versatile. Enjoy them fresh or toasted, slathered with butter and jam, or turn them into delicious sandwiches.


Our selection of pastries are made with wholesome ingredients from local producers, such as Lard Ass Butter, Schulz Organic Dairy and Wholegrain Milling Co. flour. Offerings may change seasonally.

  • Croissant

  • Chocolatine

  • Ohayō Scroll

  • Almond Croissant

  • Black Sesame Croissant

  • Jalapeno, Cheddar & Caramelised Onion Croissant

  • Ham & Gruyère Croissant

  • Brioche à Tête

  • Brioche à Tête with House-made Jam Filling

  • Leatherwood Honey & Butter Toast

  • Bressane

  • Savoury Bressane

  • Burnt Butter & Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie